Bruno Duarte

Bruno was born and grew up surrounded by flowers on his family's farm in Madeira. This Portuguese subtropical island paradise off the coast of Morocco is known as the floating garden and is home to rare species of flowers from around the world. It's here that Bruno's passion for orchids and all things floral began.

After completing his training at Humber College he started to develop his craft and put into action his concepts. Bruno forged the distinctive style he is admired and appreciated for today.

Bruno's unique approach to floral design is both sculptural and emotional, blending organic materials and foraged items together to create works of art.  His floral studio in Toronto is often mistaken for an art gallery, where window displays are created to showcase his artistry.

His exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design techniques have caught the attention of Canadian and international celebrities including Rene Zellweger, Patti LaBelle and Sir Elton John.

When Bruno's not at his studio he can be found designing in front of a live audience. He frequently appears on local and international webinars, and gives inspirational floral demonstrations at Home and Garden shows. 

Design firms in the city use Bruno regularly, and call upon him to create awe inspiring and stunning large structures for art galleries,  restaurants, international corporations, luxury condos, hotels and private homes. He is also a regular contributor to magazines in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, where his seasonal decor and wedding work are prominently featured. 

Bruno’s creative mind knows no bounds. He loves and has the ability to conjure up and create extraordinarily  breathtaking designs which will have you in awe. So wether you have your own personal request for your space or visit his works that go into public spaces, (Fleur de Ville, CIBC square, Manulife and Globe & Mail) be prepared to have your heart and mind lifted as you enter into the mind of a true artist.             

Daniella Pateman

Daniella began her floral career in 1994. Over the years she's worked for event companies and floral studios throughout England, Ireland and North America. Travel and exposure to different cities, environments and cultures has helped to shape the designer she is today. Daniella is a keen observer who appreciates the textures and movement of art, architecture and design, and the nuances of nature. She joined the Fresh team in 2006 and is currently our head designer.

Natalie Riding

Natalie received her floral training in Ottawa, before launching a successful career in 2002. She has worked for floral event companies in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Natalie's passion and exuberance for floral design can be seen in all her creations. She's constantly experimenting with new and familiar materials, brainstorming and sharing her ideas and motivating staff. In 2010 she became studio manager and floral designer at Fresh Floral Creations.



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